Thursday, April 19, 2018

2017: Summer

So we're up to the summer of last year.

Not to bad for getting all these updates to you I should say so myself.


So on to the what happened in the summer.  We'll remember in the last post I showed those nice pictures of my kids helping me plant the garden in the side yard?

Yeah.... I couldn't keep up with in very well.  See picture below of what it looked like by June.

There are still some good veggies in there somewhere, but it took a MASSIVE effort to clear and clean it all up and I'm pretty sure we didn't get nearly as much produce as we could if all the weeds weren't stealing water and precious sunlight.

In our defense, we were working full time jobs, both Phillip and I had decided to go back to school part time to finish our Master's degrees. The kids were on Summer Break so nights and weekends after work and schooling was spent making memories....It just didn't leave a lot of time in the hot 90 degree weather to do what I needed to do.

Live, learn, hope for better results in the future.  BUT we did get some other major projects done.

Painting the exterior.  The top portion of our house had peeling and fading paint.  It was like that when we purchased the house and it had remain that way because we were so focused on other projects.  July 2017 we rented this nifty tool that allowed us to easily and safely reach those top areas of the house and paint them a nice crisp white.  Our house is looking lovelier and nicer each year I may say so myself.

Of course, my husbands' side project was a bit of a distraction as well.  We tried our hand at bee keeping.  Those who know about bees can see from this picture that they are "bearding"....or otherwise known as "leaving the area 'cause these people don't know what they are doing and we're going to die if we stay".  YAY experiments were we buy something that can just fly away.

Feel free to make jokes about money flying out the window.  We won't take it personally.  We made the same jokes. 

Monday, April 9, 2018

2017: Spring Fling

Spring is in the air.

Time to get my ever growing children to work feeding themselves.  (Note: we don't do child labor...but they do have to contribute something).

It's also time to make the house look nice.  I got these big planters on clearance in 2016 during the fall.  They really make the house pop with the color.  I refuse to paint my front door for that color pop so these are nice subs.

With spring flowers...comes spring showers.  SO MANY TREE LIMBS!!!!  There were so many tree limbs that fell between winter and all the spring storms that we had the kids help collect them and have a good old bonfire.

P.S. the boys really enjoyed it.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

2017: The funeral of the water heater

So now we begin a new year.  YAY

And with a new year we start many more new projects.

First is replacing this old as dirt water heater.
Jan. 24, 2017.  Our water heater died.
It had a nice funeral to the scrapper.
I think we got less than $30 for it.
It had a nice long life, but we're ever so grateful for the new one we picked up at Lowe's.