Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fall Garden Prep

When the first frost hit everything died in our garden so we decided it was time to start the fall prep for the garden. Because the garden did so well Gloria felt she would be able to handle a larger garden next year.

For next year she plans to plant

  • Melons
  • Squash/Zucchini
  • Strawberries
  • Bell Peppers
  • Onions/Garlic
  • Spinach
  • Lettuce
  • Corn
  • Tomatoes
  • green beans
  • Okra
That is a lot more than our tomatoes, okra, and ornamental peppers.

Gloria's Father was able to do the tiling for us which was a great time saver. I wish I would have gotten a picture. Below is a slide show of the plan and the tilled area. Again watch with your favorite song playing cause there is no audio in the video.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Column Install

The other day I was walking through lowes trying to figure out what was the best way to use the remaining part of my budget. As I was walking through the wood section I happened upon some 1"x6" for a reasonable price so I decided to build a column for the front porch.

While there I picked up a pint of some random color of exterior paint. I decided only to build one column first just to see how it turned out.

Lastly, I found some plastic numbers from Walmart. I don't like them but they will do for now. I hope you enjoy the video below. Feel free to have your own music playing in the background cause there is no audio.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Veterans Day

Did a google search and found the image below. No other words need to be said except Thank you!

Laundry Table Build

Gloria is getting tired of me putting the laundry on the couch in the family room (or is it our dining room ....) so time to build a laundry table in the basement. The problem is the budget for this project is


So I must be able to build it using materials around the house. Thankfully during the bathroom demo I saved the old counter top. and I have some spare 2x4's

While the project is not complete see the budget above for the reason why I do have a functional work space. I intend to add an additional support in the middle, some 2x12's on the bottom for a shelf to store more things and a metal rod up above so I can hang clothes also while in the basement.

While building the supports I realized I only have a few long screws! I managed to find some in an old board. But maybe I can't screw straight but I screwed up those screws and bent them :( No pictures of that error.

I spaced my supports out so they would handle the 80" long counter (only like 20" deep) with ease. I do wish the counter top was deeper but oh well budgets. After installing the last support I realized I put it together wrong.

I wanted a 2x6 to run the length of the counter and to form a nice neat corner. You will see the error in the video below.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Master Bedroom Update

Just a brief update as I am writing this we are 28 weeks into the pregrancy meaning I Only have 40-28=12 weeks to finish the master!

Most of the electrical rough in is installed I need to install the final exterior secruity light junction box, 2 outlets and pull the wires to the breaker panel. I also replaced all of the insulation (well not all of it but most of it almost done)

Lowes was having a sale on unfaced R-30 insulation so we purchased enough to redo the whole room. 

I still need to get some poly sheet plastic for the vapor barrier. Well I am off for now thank you for reading!

Wifi Router Relocation

Late one night I decided I need to relocate my wifi router. At the time we had our desktop PC in the bedroom which was at the other side of the house so the signal was weak. Even though we could still stream HD content on Netflix I wanted something better.

So I decided to use a long cat5 cable to mount my router to the middle of my house roughly. 

This did a number of things

1. I am not able to utilize more wired connections because before I didn't have enough outlets near the router.

2. We also moved the tv and the desktop FYI wired connections are almost always faster than wireless connections. ( unless you are using some really old stuff)

Slide Show Below