Monday, February 27, 2012

Built-in Bookcase Design

Gloria and I love to read, and we are running out of space for books. So we decided to plan to add some more bookshelves. The first few pictures are of what one of the corners looks like now. After that is the video showing sort of what we are planning. Enjoy!

Monday, February 20, 2012


Want to hear a story?
In the beginning there was a young couple.
This young couple was happy but sadly broke. They wanted a new, soft and comfy couch but couldn't afford it. So the young wife sat down one day and said, "Dear husband of mine, I want a new couch, but I know our budget does not allow that luxuary. What if we just stuffed and fluffied the old couch cushions instead?"
The young husband said, "Wonderful idea. I will not help, but I will take pictures for you."
And thus began the process of stuffing the couch.
Step 1: Get cushions and bags of stuffing (5 bags of polyster stuffing from Joann's Fabrics)
Step 2: Stuff
Step 3: Sew closed and put back on the couch
The end of the story:
The happy couple lovingly sits on their re-stuffed couch and happy marriage bliss!
The end

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The truth about Hardwoods

Hardwood floors are beautiful and long lasting. Currently today hardwood floors are back in style and many times when a first time home buyer is looking for a home the first thing they notice is beautiful hardwood floors.

When my beautiful wife and I started looking for our home we wanted hardwoods through out. We originally wanted something similar to this:

While we didn't get that we did get hardwood floors throughout our home and we discovered that when a baby first starts trying to walk they fall .... A lot! And hardwood floors do not provide any sort of cushion. So sadly today since we are planning to eventually have more than one child we decided to put in carpet in most of the house. Another factor that played into this was the expense of refinishing our exisiting hardwood would be comparable to installing carpet.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Cleaning the garage

This is Phillip, and for the record I am a slob. I am terrible about cleaning up. When I try to clean up around the house my wife has to do it all over again cause I am so bad. Nevertheless today I embarked on cleaning the garage. After multiple car repairs in the garage all my tools have been thrown all over the floor. I wasted so much oil and other chemicals that most of the garage floor is covered in kitty litter as an attempt to asborb the chemicals. I have random trash just all over the place. In short that garage is a pig sty.

So I started cleaning. The first order of business was to pick up all the tools out of the kitty litter. Let me just say I learned a valuable lesson concerning keeping a clean work space. I was crawling around on my hands and knees looking for multiple 1/16 cobalt drill bits that are covered in kitty litter. Not Fun At All!!!

After collecting all of my tools in one spot, now it was time to organized them. Thankfully I have three large upper cabinets attached to the wall in the garage. All the chemicals went to the top shelf so they are faraway for any children. Other tools were group accordingly on different shelves. Now that all the tools were picked up time to tackle the kitty litter. I grabbed my trusty push broom and my snow shovel, interestingly enough we haven't had a real snow so my snow shovel has only been used as a dust pan this year. As I was finishing the kitty litter I get a phone call requesting some help on a different project.

And once again I live up to my heritage of being a terrible cleaner, the garage still isn't clean.