Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Guest House Dilemma

So this year we replaced the roof to the guest house to stop any damage that may be occuring but we still haven't decided what to do with it ...

clean out the trash and replace the flooring with some nice hardwood

maybe something like this

we could bust this out .... not sure what it was maybe an old gas fire or heater?

We could mount a T.V. here

We could replace this with a new A/C unit

And how about an electric fireplace for heat?

A little stove here
and a small fridge here ... or maybe we could swap them and place the stove here

we could end up with something like this except no upper cabinets
not certain what to do with the back door ...

not shown but we could add a shower just to the left of this sink and redo the floor in the bathroom.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Garden Update

the vines are taking over the sidewalk

something keeps eating everything

we got peppers!

broccoli is broccoli

I still don't know what this is 

a picture of a green tomatoe

to help reclaim some of our sidewalk we put up a trellis of sorts for the watermelon?  

looks like the wire is already cutting into the produce

we really should've spread these out

mMMmmMMm Strawberries however Gloria keeps eating them and not sharing.

however she will leave me the bad ones ...