Thursday, July 4, 2013

Bye, Bye Metal Junk!

So last fall we had an old 1995 Jeep.  It was running down and had a bunch of problems with it.  Our neighbor across the street had a 1996 Jeep.  Most of the parts were the same so we bought the 1996 Jeep for $500.00 as a spare parts vehicle for our Jeep.
Phillip gave up on saving our 1995 Jeep a few weeks later after attempt after attempt of fixing it to no avail.
We junked the 1995 Jeep for a few hundred dollars and sold the tires for a couple hundred as well.  But we had this 1996 Jeep sitting in our driveway.  See pictures:

As you can see it is a piece of junk now.  We salvaged a lot from it. Now it is time to get it out of our driveway before the neighbors call the code enforcement on us :)...  just kidding our neighbors are really sweet.
So we got rid of not only this junk Jeep but all the old copper pipes and wires when we gutted the plumping and wiring in the house.  We also had some type of pump from the 1920's in our basement that we also took to the salvage yard.

The money was helpful but the best thing is driving up to the house without looking at that piece of junk or going downstairs to the basement without tripping on old pipes and wires.