Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Air Conditioner

So as we find new and affordable projects around the house to do we became aware that our air conditioner was sticking out like a sore thumb on the side of our house.  We.... ok I wanted something a little nicer looking and something to protect it from the puppies.  As we mentioned we now have 3 dogs. 1 older dog and 2 puppies.  That being said the puppies have been busy digging around the air conditioner.  See picture for reference: 
So off the Lowe's we go!  We went over a ton of possibilities and their corresponding prices but in the end we found these ready made fencing.  See picture below: 

Here is the link to lowe's if you are interested in purchasing these as well.
Barrette 46-in x 32-in White Vinyl Fence Panel
Barrette 46-in x 32-in White Vinyl Fence Panel
  • Fence Panel
Item #: 41009 |  Model #: 73004316
Overall Rating:
Overall Rating: 
3.9 / 5
3.9 / 5

At $20 each they were a bit expensive, but when we factored in the time it would take in order to cut, sand and paint wood we sat down and admitted that we were a bit tired a lazy.  It's hard with 2 kids under the age of 3 to get the time to do any type of project.  Someone has to watch the kids while someone else has to do all the heavy labor around the house.  So... is it d.i.y. ?.... Not really, but we did stick them in the ground ourselves :)  !!!!  I think that counts.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Ceiling Fan #2

So as the spring gives way to summer, it has become imperitive that we need a way to keep cool without running our air conditioner 24/7.  Thus we decided that in every bedroom and in the dining room to install ceiling fans.  It will provide light and air circulation.  These are the pictures of me installing the ceiling fan in the dining room... and unlike the bedroom ceiling fan installation this one was much easier.  WELL... except we kept losing the screws all the time.
LOL.... that is d.i.y. for you.
All smiles so far.