Thursday, December 22, 2016

end of year update part 2

So here's the 2nd half of my updates

June (continued)

So it's summer.  Summer is hot.   I now work from home 3 times a week or more.
I can't keep the A/C running all the time or it take away the cost/benefit of not traveling into work all the time.  So with that in mind Phillip start updating the basement in order that I have 2 office areas.  A small corner desk in the living room and a larger desk downstairs.

.... Here's the rule:

I'm going to switch back and forth during the seasons.  It's colder in the basement so anytime it's over 80 degrees I'm headed downstairs.  It's warmer upstairs so anytime outside temps are below 70 degrees I'm going downstairs.

Here's a picture of the progress:

I know it's a bit difficult to tell, but  if you remember from our 1st video tour there is an area of the basement that was sectioned off to be a room.  It had studs and  lights already.  We've already added insulation a few years ago throughout the basement now we are putting up the drywall and Phillip has added additional plugs.

There is a long "L" corner table in the middle of the room that I purchased for $5 dollars at a garage sale.  I'm using an old kitchen chair as my desk chair.  Phillip donated his old college fridge for my water and I have a few planks of the kitchen flooring we did earlier in the year down on the floor so I'm not just walking on bare concrete.

As of's still a unfinished.

end of year update part 1

So I've realized I've allowed life to get in the way and we haven't posted in a since May!!!! YIKES!!!!  That's not cool.  So I wanted to make sure to do an update on what has been going on.  Let me go ahead and spoil the ending for you.... it hasn't been much.

May 2016.

So at the end of May we realized that it was probably a good idea to get a 2nd dog.  Our current dog named Peppercorn was still showing signs of grieving after my husband's childhood dog passed away a few  months ago.  So we load up our truck and go down to the Petsmart in Olathe, KS and adopt this pretty 20lb dog here:

The Petsmart in Olathe, KS has coordinated with many local shelters to offer weekend adoption events.  Here is a link to one shelter if you're interested in adopting as well:

We've decided to name her Cinnamon.  Continuing the seasoning named animals we have in our house.  (ROFL).  She is well mannered and house broken.  The poor girl looks like she recently weaned a litter of puppies and then was promptly abandoned.  She's a great addition to the family.

Also at the end of May we came across some wonderful weather.

  1.  It was beautiful. 
  2.  It was warm.
  3.   It was mostly dry.

When you have that type of got to do something outdoorsy.  In our case our outdoorsy means OUTSIDE D.I.Y. time!!!  Woot Woot.
We invested in a paint sprayer and got to work.

Here are pictures of me working on the guesthouse and house addition:

Before you start...yes I know it wasn't professionally looking how we did this.  We had gotten a few quotes for painting from professionals.  The quotes were well in the $2,000+ ball park.  At the time we knew the house needed to be painted before we had to battle too much wood rot, but we wasn't willing to drain our savings to do it.  We got a good sale on a professional painter.  I think it's a Graco brand for around $200 dollars and a $30 bucket of commercial grade white paint.  We borrowed our father's scaffolding and just went at it.

I'm going to make you wait in suspense to see the finished product though.  Because I'm mean like that.  (ok..just see part 2 of the end of year update)


So in June I finally joined the ranks of Instagram and instantly became addicted with Legos tables.
Here is a below picture collage of me and my sons working together to create a wonderful toy using old unused furniture around the house.

A little bit later that month my son's wonderful, super athletic-ness....yes I know that's not a word.... But anyways boys being boys they were playing with hard balls in their bedroom when they broken the ceiling fan.  Off to Lowe's we went and here's a picture of me installing said ceiling fan...again.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Real Life Angry Birds

So our oldest likes angry birds on the phone but I really want to get them out the house so ... lets play angry birds in REAL LIFE! It was fun. We purchased some balls in different sizes and colors and used a exercise band as the sling shot.

Okay the slingshot was a bit harder maybe we will save that for when they are older. So we let them just throw the balls. They had a blast.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Raised Beds

We finally finished the raised beds.

We decided to use a drip irriagtion system. I eventually want to get a timer and maybe hook it up to a rasberry pi 

It was really easy to put together. 

all and all I really like it. i'm sure i could've made one out of pvc just as easy but i think this was easy to control the amount of water spraying versus expermiting with different hole sizes and estimating the headloss through the various orifices.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Exterior painting

Gloria's dream is finally coming true. She gets to paint the exterior of the house. I took pictures :D

Our father in law let us borrow his scaffolding.

Saturday, April 30, 2016


yesterday we brought our bees home! We purchased from a supplier in Chilicothe Missouri.

Ignore the food on the seats that just to keep them distracted ... not really i'm a slob. Gloria had fun joking tha the bees would get loose in the truck while I was driving home. But nothing happened. Because I got home late after sundown. As soon as it was above 60 degrees F  I placed the bees in the hive.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Master Bathroom Mirrors

Gloria is on a roll today she hung the mirrors. It is late but we got it done!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Spring bon fire

I'm starting to think this is becoming a yearly tradition. We are having a bon fire again. some family members came over. The rocks for the fire pit were free from craigslist.
 The fire was hot.