Thursday, December 22, 2016

end of year update part 1

So I've realized I've allowed life to get in the way and we haven't posted in a since May!!!! YIKES!!!!  That's not cool.  So I wanted to make sure to do an update on what has been going on.  Let me go ahead and spoil the ending for you.... it hasn't been much.

May 2016.

So at the end of May we realized that it was probably a good idea to get a 2nd dog.  Our current dog named Peppercorn was still showing signs of grieving after my husband's childhood dog passed away a few  months ago.  So we load up our truck and go down to the Petsmart in Olathe, KS and adopt this pretty 20lb dog here:

The Petsmart in Olathe, KS has coordinated with many local shelters to offer weekend adoption events.  Here is a link to one shelter if you're interested in adopting as well:

We've decided to name her Cinnamon.  Continuing the seasoning named animals we have in our house.  (ROFL).  She is well mannered and house broken.  The poor girl looks like she recently weaned a litter of puppies and then was promptly abandoned.  She's a great addition to the family.

Also at the end of May we came across some wonderful weather.

  1.  It was beautiful. 
  2.  It was warm.
  3.   It was mostly dry.

When you have that type of got to do something outdoorsy.  In our case our outdoorsy means OUTSIDE D.I.Y. time!!!  Woot Woot.
We invested in a paint sprayer and got to work.

Here are pictures of me working on the guesthouse and house addition:

Before you start...yes I know it wasn't professionally looking how we did this.  We had gotten a few quotes for painting from professionals.  The quotes were well in the $2,000+ ball park.  At the time we knew the house needed to be painted before we had to battle too much wood rot, but we wasn't willing to drain our savings to do it.  We got a good sale on a professional painter.  I think it's a Graco brand for around $200 dollars and a $30 bucket of commercial grade white paint.  We borrowed our father's scaffolding and just went at it.

I'm going to make you wait in suspense to see the finished product though.  Because I'm mean like that.  (ok..just see part 2 of the end of year update)


So in June I finally joined the ranks of Instagram and instantly became addicted with Legos tables.
Here is a below picture collage of me and my sons working together to create a wonderful toy using old unused furniture around the house.

A little bit later that month my son's wonderful, super athletic-ness....yes I know that's not a word.... But anyways boys being boys they were playing with hard balls in their bedroom when they broken the ceiling fan.  Off to Lowe's we went and here's a picture of me installing said ceiling fan...again.

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