Sunday, August 14, 2011

Efficiency Kansas

We have been working with the following program to do some updates to our house

Efficiency Kansas is a low-cost loan program that helps Kansans like you make energy-efficiency improvements to your home, rental unit, or small business. You'll be more comfortable and spend less on energy.
Efficiency Kansas connects you to qualified energy auditors who will pinpoint how your home uses (and loses) energy and give you a custom plan to make your home more energy efficient.
Efficiency Kansas also gives you access to low-cost financing through participating lenders or utilities. With the custom plan from the energy auditor and low-cost financing, you'll be on the road to greater comforter and savings, now and in the future.
For a limited time, Efficiency Kansas is an even better deal. Learn more about the $100 Energy Audit Program.

As my wife has said, the money for this program has been pulled. There are four steps
  1. Get a home energy Audit
  2. Review the energy report
  3. Get quotes for the work
  4. Get the work done (assuming you've been approved for the work)
When the money was pulled we had just finished getting some quotes. We are currently pushing through our paperwork hoping to get the work done.

The quote we accepted was for about $20,000 worth of work.
  1. A water heater blanket
  2. New efficient heating and cooling
  3. at least R-49 insulation in the attic
  4. Insulation in basement
  5. Seal air leaks around the house
  6. blow in insulation in all exterior walls
  7. New windows
We are currently hoping and praying that we will be able to get this work done. According to the report every hour our A/C has to cool down 99% of the air again cause all the cold air leaks out.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pulled $$$

So Tuesday I went to our local Night Out Against Crime event.
While at the event I spoke with the original Board of Public Utilities representative who came to the Neighborhood group and spoke about the Energy Home program in May. It was while speaking with him that the rumors I heard about majority of the stimulus money set aside for the program was being pulled by the governor to be used in ethanol development was indeed fact.
Yesterday one of the contractors who was suppose to come for an estimate, pulled out saying they weren't certain about the money with the State so they weren't going to be apart of it anymore.

If you read this blog frequently know the drill....

insert sad face
insert really sad face
insert crazy glimmer in eyes
insert crazy woman with shot gun marching to Topeka screaming about new double hung windows
insert woman getting handcuff and put into nice white jacket
O.K. scratch all that and just insert the stupid sad face