Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pulled $$$

So Tuesday I went to our local Night Out Against Crime event.
While at the event I spoke with the original Board of Public Utilities representative who came to the Neighborhood group and spoke about the Energy Home program in May. It was while speaking with him that the rumors I heard about majority of the stimulus money set aside for the program was being pulled by the governor to be used in ethanol development was indeed fact.
Yesterday one of the contractors who was suppose to come for an estimate, pulled out saying they weren't certain about the money with the State so they weren't going to be apart of it anymore.

If you read this blog frequently know the drill....

insert sad face
insert really sad face
insert crazy glimmer in eyes
insert crazy woman with shot gun marching to Topeka screaming about new double hung windows
insert woman getting handcuff and put into nice white jacket
O.K. scratch all that and just insert the stupid sad face

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