Monday, February 20, 2012


Want to hear a story?
In the beginning there was a young couple.
This young couple was happy but sadly broke. They wanted a new, soft and comfy couch but couldn't afford it. So the young wife sat down one day and said, "Dear husband of mine, I want a new couch, but I know our budget does not allow that luxuary. What if we just stuffed and fluffied the old couch cushions instead?"
The young husband said, "Wonderful idea. I will not help, but I will take pictures for you."
And thus began the process of stuffing the couch.
Step 1: Get cushions and bags of stuffing (5 bags of polyster stuffing from Joann's Fabrics)
Step 2: Stuff
Step 3: Sew closed and put back on the couch
The end of the story:
The happy couple lovingly sits on their re-stuffed couch and happy marriage bliss!
The end

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