Monday, February 6, 2012

Cleaning the garage

This is Phillip, and for the record I am a slob. I am terrible about cleaning up. When I try to clean up around the house my wife has to do it all over again cause I am so bad. Nevertheless today I embarked on cleaning the garage. After multiple car repairs in the garage all my tools have been thrown all over the floor. I wasted so much oil and other chemicals that most of the garage floor is covered in kitty litter as an attempt to asborb the chemicals. I have random trash just all over the place. In short that garage is a pig sty.

So I started cleaning. The first order of business was to pick up all the tools out of the kitty litter. Let me just say I learned a valuable lesson concerning keeping a clean work space. I was crawling around on my hands and knees looking for multiple 1/16 cobalt drill bits that are covered in kitty litter. Not Fun At All!!!

After collecting all of my tools in one spot, now it was time to organized them. Thankfully I have three large upper cabinets attached to the wall in the garage. All the chemicals went to the top shelf so they are faraway for any children. Other tools were group accordingly on different shelves. Now that all the tools were picked up time to tackle the kitty litter. I grabbed my trusty push broom and my snow shovel, interestingly enough we haven't had a real snow so my snow shovel has only been used as a dust pan this year. As I was finishing the kitty litter I get a phone call requesting some help on a different project.

And once again I live up to my heritage of being a terrible cleaner, the garage still isn't clean.

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