Sunday, January 29, 2012

And the paint brand winner is:

This is the paint we will be using in both the bathrooms and kitchens, because it's very durable.
Now for the moment you all been waiting for... What shade of beige won?

Here we have 3 contenders.

  1. Lyndhurst Timber (2007-9C):

2. Lyndhurst Gallery Beige (2006-10B)

3. Oatland Subtle Taupe (6005-1B)

I know they are look very alike...but that's the point. I couldn't find the 'right' beige.
But after days of looking at the shade in daylight, at night and everywhere in between the hands down winner is:
(drum roll)
*** very long pause***
# 2 lyndhurst gallery beige (2006 -10B)

This will eventually be the color for both the bathroom and the kitchen.

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