Monday, January 23, 2012

Blow Test

So as you all know we've been making improvements to our small but loveable first home. Most of these updates have been energy efficiency improvements. We were able to fund this through the energy loan program from our local utilities company. But before the loan closed, and all the people who installed the insulation, windows and furnace gets paid we must first have what is called a "blow test".
Well we had the before "blow test" and an after "blow test"....and our results are and improvement of 20%!

We're excited about those results, but we definitely know there is more we need to do. Like what you may ask??? Well we have a basement garage door that has a lot of air flow issues. We need to replace the garage door. We also have a lot of little cracks in the foundation of the master bedrooms' crawl space. Phillip is thinking about adding dirt up around the exposed foundation wall has both an insulator and a way to prevent heat loss.
Does anyone else have common household leaks we may need to explore?

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