Tuesday, January 3, 2012

photos of garbage disposal install

This is Gloria.  I wanted to make sure to give you background history to the reason we installed a garbage disposal at this particular time.
Well long story short, I was tired to trying to keep food from going down the drain all the time.  I'm use to having a garbage disposal in the houses I live in so I asked Phillip to make my Christmas present a garbage disposal.
Yeah I know all those sayings about women upset when they get new vacuums and food mixers for gifts.  But they can just dismiss those iconic sayings with me...I want things that make my life easier.  If I was at a normal full time job out of the house I think no one would be upset if I asked for a new computer to better do my job...so I have to issues asking that my gift was getting my garbage disposal even though it wasn't in our house or our gifting budget this year.
Oh and don't even let me start on how expensive this simple gift turned out to be.
One thing I can't say is that I now don't trust every craigslist ad I see out there anymore.
The next thing I'm grateful for is that I won't have clogs like we just had...but that's for another post. 

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