Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Clogged Kitchen Drain Line

This is Gloria.  Before you watch this video you should read the prior post about the garbage disposal.  From that post you will notice it mentions a clog.   Well I didn't realize we were so close to a potential clog when I requested the garbage disposal, but oh well.... Enjoy the video and Phillip's explanation.  I do love my husband, even if he ends up covered in filth in order to get my plumbing functional again.

The Solution by Phillip:

We have a local tool rental location where we rented an electric sewer snake for about $30. I started at the location in the video to clear the line. The first thing I noticed was that after I started working in this section no water came out. This proved that the clog was closer to the location of the sink. But since we just installed a new garbage disposal and undersink drains I knew it was somewhere in the basement. Just for good measure I decided to continue going to clear this line just in case there is a blockage further out. After going the full length of the snake (about 50 feet) I pulled it back and to my disgust. The snake had removed tree roots. So someday in the future this line will need to be replaced, and it will be expensive.

After clearing that portion of the line I moved closer to the sink and got the kitchen drain line cleared. I then used lots of bleach and kitty litter to clean everything up. And all is well in the brown household.

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