Thursday, March 15, 2012

House History

Yesterday afternoon as I was walking into the house from doing some yard work my neighbor from two houses to the north flagged me down. We briefly discussed some of the recent events in the neighborhood and then she proceed to revel to me that it was her Uncle who built our house! Before she was born her Uncle built the house. Back then our house was actually considered the country. Her uncle had Shetland ponies which he kept and a garden. The little guest house we have behind the house was actually a barn! Which explains quite a bit about the roof. He also had larger regular size horse further west in a pasture. After a few years of living in the country he decided to move into the city.

A lawyer/banker purchased the house. The lawyer/banker and his wife were avid gardeners. His wife had a really large strawberry field, and they grew grapes along the fence along with all your other usual garden fruits and vegetables. During the summer they would host large family gatherings and they had a large brick outdoor grill. It was during this time that the barn was converted to a house and the master bedroom and patio was built. I always knew that it was an addition so it is nice to know who built it. The lawyer/banker and his wife also used the fruit cellar in the basement to make wine. The husband had German shepards and his wife had a yippee little Pomeranian. Evidently they would sit out on the back patio with their dogs and look out over the land. I'm sure this was all before the highway was built.

Finally a mechanic purchased the house. He did not take care of the plant life or the house for that matter. He was a tall heavy guy and after many years of working on cars his back gave out and he had to give it up. His wife used the guest house as a daycare.

And then we purchased the house in 2011.

It is always great to know your history.

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