Tuesday, April 10, 2012

spring is here!!!

Sorry for the delayed posting.
It's been a busy first quarter for us.
So it's April now... that means periodic rain showers and sunny warm days. I don't know what better time to do outdoor work.
1st thing on the list: BUSHES MUST BE MOVED!!!
We had bushes on the front and side of the house that were ugly and overgrown. It was obvious whoever owned the property before us did not care for the house or the land very well.
This fall when we had nice weather Phillip and used a hand chopper and cut large chunks from these bushes but the chopper broke mid way in the process so we stopped.
With our tax refund in hand we purchased a gas chain saw and a trimmer along with a few other household maintenance accessaries.
Below is a picture of Phillip removing the stumps after finishing them off withthe chain saw:

Removing stumps using your 4x4 vehicle is always fun!

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