Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lawn Mower Tires

Last weekend noticed the tires on the lawn mower were getting a little flat. However we do not own any form of an air pump. :( This weekend I go to pull out the lawn mower and realize it is a little harder than usual. Lo and Behold the tire is completely flat. I push the lawn mower back into the garage.

At this point I have two options.
1. Purchase an air pump (and hope the tire does not have a hole in it)
2. Remove the tire from the lawnmower and take it to the gas station where I can use their air pump.

I wanted to chose option 1 but the budget does not allow for it right now. So Option two until next pay check. I raise the lawn mower rear tires off the ground and I proceed to remove the retaining clips for the lawn mower and give the wheel a firm pull. 

I spray the axle with penetrating oil and call it a day.

Day 2
I grab a 2x4 and wedge it between the tire and the frame to pry the wheel off.


I go out side and pull out the scissor jack from my wife's car and wedge it between the tire and frame.


I take the 2x4 and pull out my hammer and start wailing away.


But after about an inch or so it stops again

I spray the axle with penetrating oil and call it a day.

Day 3
I'm a little upset now ... thinking I really should have just purchased an air pump and called it a day. I pull out my sledge hammer and hammer the tire back to its original position. I spray everything again with a liberal coating of penatrating oil and this time use the 2x4 with the sledge hammer

About 10 powerful hits that would make John Henry smile. The tire came off.

I place the tire in the car and that is the end of Day 3

Day 4
After work I stop at the gas station on my way home that has free air and air up the tire. All seems well and return home. As I am putting the tire on I hear a small hiss and realize there is a crack in the side of the tire. :(  
I put the tire on anyway hoping to finish cutting the grass before it goes flat again. I get about 2/3rds of the way when I turning the corner and tire separates from the rim.

I push the lawn mower back into the garage.

Day 5
I woke up before work to see how much it would cost to order all new tires. The total ... $334!!! Maybe I am too cheap but I can get tires for a car for $70 a piece! Now I have to find a cheaper way to get new tires. I do not want to use any sealant type stuff but that may end up being the solution.

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