Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Carpet Install

Lowes is competing with Home depot on their carpet install prices so they lowered their stain master carpet to $0.98 per sq foot and the install for the whole house to $37. We also had to purchase the pad. Our total came to around $800 or so for the 3 bedrooms. Below is a slide show of the before and after we are still working on the master bedroom however because of the fact that our taxes will be increasing we will be holding off on home improvement until we get a handle on how our finances will be affected.

The Installation

The interesting thing working with lowes is that they hire independent contractors.  So they do not directly control everything but they do ... i hope that made sense to you.

Anyway the first step is the set up a time for the contractor to come measure the space. At the store the rep said they would  call and set up a time to come out. Well they called and said I am 5 minutes away can I come now? LOL 

After the measuring We went to lowes and paid for the carpet. The rep at the store said they would contact within a day or two to set up a time since they are really backed up right now. So we went home and I made plans to move the furniture tomorrow afternoon. Well they called and guess what? They were 5 minutes away and wanted to come right then! Well I hadn't move the furniture so we schedule for them to come at noon the next day. We ... really I had to move all the furniture out of each room that night. It was rough but we made it.

Carpet Vs Hardwood

You may be wondering why we decided to cover up our hardwood floors with carpet. Well it turns out for a toddler to learn how to walk that hardwood floors are slippery and hard. Our poor son's head will never be the same after so many falls. We drew the line when one day he rolled out of the bed fell, hit his head and threw up. The classic signs of a concussion. So now we have carpet in all the bedrooms. And area rugs in the main living spaces that we hang out.

So our next child will not go through (as much) as our first.

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