Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Door Hardware Paint Removal

On one of my favorite websites they had a simple how to remove paint from hinges. After doing the baby dresser I quickly realized just how expensive these components are. This is a super easy way to remove the paint and most importantly I like it because it is way safer for my children in the house compared to using chemical strippers. The process is simple remove hardware, and cook over night in a crock pot full of a soapy water solution. Below is a video and also the link to the original article.

There was one step I was not able to do and that was use a beeswax polish. I just didn't know where to find it at here in town.

This Old House Link for How to Remove Paint Hinges

The hardest part was removing the paint in tight crevices. Even though I cooked the hardware for almost 24 hours! But the hardware did have multiple layers of paint and a lot of dirt.

One thing did break and that was a thing metal piece inside the door mechanism. So next time I want place every single part in. The door still works fine though. Also because old paint was removed, dirt cleaned off, and everything lubricated with graphite powder the door swing is silent now.

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