Tuesday, August 20, 2013


So when we purchased our house over 2 years ago we had one dyeing evergreen tree on the side of our house.  Over the next few months that tree completely died and whatever caused the first tree to die, started killing our other evergreen tree.  Around this fall we it was pretty obvious that both trees were now dead. 
Here is a picture of the trees on either side of the house.
Having two dead trees in front of our house was the advertisement for every tree trimming, yard cutting and landscape company who happen to drive down our street to stop by our house.  And since their quick sale pitches were normally done during regular business hours I was always the person to answer the door to some sweating contractor with a truck and a chain-saw. 
(The thing of housewife nightmares to tell you the truth.)
So last Saturday I decided to spend some time with my mother doing garage sales, thrift stores and general antique shopping.  It's one of my favorite things to do with her and since it was her birthday weekend I was able to kill two birds with the same stone.  So I'm out and about when I get a call from Phillip.
Phillip:  Hey, Gloria what was the quotes from some of those contractors for taking down the two trees?
Me:  I'm don't remember exactly, but all within $1,000- $800.  I think I got a quote for $600.00 once, but the guy looked a bit shady.
Phillip: Cool, just saw these guys down the street.... said they would do it for $400.  Only thing is they won't carry off the wood.
Me: We go ahead and do it.
That was the whole conversation.  Below enjoy the pictures.

 in progress
 in progress

P.S. we finally purchased a camera!!!!  Cost us  a little over $120.00 but it's a nice camera and serves the purposes of this blog.  :)

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