Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Hello everyone,

Just wanted to give a general update.

1.  The garden has turned out to be wonderful.  We produced a number of pumpkins, cantaloupes,  bell peppers, spicy peppers, broccoli, and tomatoes.  The strawberries only had a very short production and the watermelons were being attacked so much it was never able to fully produce.(By squash bugs.)  We are still getting some late fall produce but pretty much we are done for this year. 
~~As a side note our garden was so great now we have a mole problem.  Great big piles of dirt (signs of their passage) now litters the nice front yard.  We'll have to start making plans to rid the critters.
2.  The bathroom in the master is fully gutted and after an eventful week of flying bats coming thru the nonfunctioning air vent, we are proud to say it is also pest free.  The mold resistant drywall is partially up and we have began looking at some of the finishing touches that we would like to install.
~~As a side note a new IKEA has just opened less than 20 miles from us.  We like some of their selections and may find ourselves purchasing some of their styling choices.
3.  It has been a bit hectic lately as both Phillip and I have decided to continue our education with Master's degrees in our chosen fields.  Though we are both going to school part-time its been hard to find the time necessary to do more of the D.I.Y. things that we both desire to do.

What is next?
I have decided to take the first week in December off work and do some of the design projects in the house that has been on my to-do list for a little too long.  Mainly I'm going to finally paint and decorate both on my son's bedrooms and the main hallway.  Neither room had been painted in years and it shows.  It will be fun to change the feel of the rooms and allow them to pick out their favorite colors and characters to really make the room special for them.

I have also asked my husband for the very nice Christmas present of a working and functional master-bathroom.  When will he have time to do this?  I have no idea, but it's my only Christmas wish so I'm hoping to go into 2015 with a master bathroom.

Keep checking back with us as we will update periodically about our adventures.

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