Thursday, March 31, 2011

House date 3-31-2011

It has been a total of one week since we purchased the house. Thus far we have accomplished the following:

  • Install new locks
  • Turn on Utilities
  • Remove carpet from bedroom and hallway
  • Start removing tiles from bathroom wall
  • Installed 1 new light
  • Stopped most of the water leaks (just discovered a new one today)
  • Develop a floor plan for the furniture arrangement
Friday the mail box post will be installed.
Saturday a close up examination of the leaking roof will take place.
Once the water leaks are solved and the corroded galvanized pipes are replaced Gloria will become the Super Cleaning lady. However the plumbing will not be taken care of until the next paycheck. We already hit our budget for the month of March :D. Luckily today is the last day of March.

This is a picture of the bedroom with out the carpet. We plan on refinishing the hardwood. We also are debating removing all the trim stripping it and restoring the wood. But that would take a lot of work.

This is the bathroom. I became a fairly upset because I made four trips trying to stop one leak and just when I thought I was done I found this one behind the wall. We were going to tear out the tile on the wall anyway. We just got a head start :D.

The days are long 12-16 hour days now. Meaning work and then going to work on our new home. But with every task accomplished I just can not help to smile. Once we get this structural stuff taken care, my wife will start posting as she decorates. I know she already has some plans because I had to drive 30 minutes to buy some tile at a great price off of craigslist for her.

Here is a video before we purchased the house.

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