Saturday, April 2, 2011

House date 4-1-2011

Today was a beautiful day. As the sunlight warmed my skin, I set the post for what will eventually become our mailbox. There was not any heavy work done on the house today. My beautiful wife and I sat on our front porch and ate some ribs while watching the neighborhood. At one point in time, my wife simply closed her eyes and said the following:

If I just close my eyes, it is easy to imagine that we are living in the country on multiple acres. I can hear the wind blowing through the trees, squirrels playing tag, birds singing there song. 
 Because it was such a beautiful day, I took the opportunity to do some more demolition of the house. I removed the old drapery hardware, and started to remove the dishwasher, that was installed 4-23-1980. I might just wait until 4-23-2011 to finish removing it just so it can celebrate its birthday. 

The Roof:
I also took advantage of the day by climbing on the roof of the addition to the main house. I do not know if you remember this part or not but the addition has a terrible leak. I originally had assumed that I would have to do a complete tear off and rebuild the roof starting with the sheathing. Well today, my hopes were dashed asunder like a wave against a cliff. As I climbed on the roof, I realized it was a flat roof. I have a sever dislike for flat roofs. In fact, when Gloria and I were looking for houses if I saw a flat roof I immediately said "NO". While it is possible to have a capable flat roof that can handle water, I personally not found one that does not eventually have problems within a decade. I am also a bit sad about this discovery because that means I am going to hire a contractor. Yes, I could do the work but with flat roofs, I want it done right the first time. I am assuming it will cost us about $5k we do not have right now. For the time being I might attempt to patch the roof so, we can stop the water from coming in.

Maybe tomorrow I will write about the plumbing fiasco.

Love & Peace
          P. Brown

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