Wednesday, April 6, 2011

No luck with Craiglist today

So it's been my job, in this home renovation project, to be the penny pincher. I have done this by limiting Phillip's desire to over spend at the big box home improvement stores. Namely Lowe's.
Thus Craiglist has been my saving grace. Last week I picked
up some nice ceramic tile for around 60 cents per square foot. Yesterday I picked up a nice small vanity with sink for $15! But alas today has been dead in the whole Craiglist world of unbelieveably cheap home supplies market. I do have hope though. Spring may have finally crawled out of hibernation for Kansas City. ( loud exaggerated sigh) FINALLY!!!!!!Last weekend was a pretty good weekend for estate sales and with this week's forecast looking bright and cheery for the most part, I'm expecting a plenty of yard, garage, "hey take this off my hands" and other like wise sales.

In other news: mainly how the house is progressing.
  1. The main box has received it's first bit of mail. WoHoo...junk mail and bills have a place to live now!
  2. We couldn't get insurance on the house until the ugly chimney flutes were removed from the basement windows. Boo... :( ....I was kind of hoping to make some kind of nifty smoker in the basement....but alas. :(
  3. The bathroom has been completely gutted now and we are beginning the clean up.
  4. We are in the process of getting quotes from roofing contractors to fix the roof on the addition and the guest house.
  • which if I was to be completely truthful Phillip is really upset about because he wanted to do the roof all himself. I'm really upset about as well because it's more expensive and takes a bit away from our D.I.Y. mentality.

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