Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Appliances Galore!

So yesterday was the last day for Nebraska Furniture Mart's 24 month interest-free financing. After debating it for a couple days we decided to charge it now and pay it off monthly versus buying used appliances and hoping that they last multiple years.
So in three hours we purchased an Amana Fridge (black) to match our current (and relatively new Amana black dishwasher), an electric smooth-top stove, an upgraded washer and dryer, a new queen mattress set and sleigh bed.
Here's the break down:

General Electric Smooth-top (black) stove: 434.99
Amana Refrigerator (black) top-mount with ice-maker: 488.88
LG front-load washer and LG front-load electric dryer, group price: 1,199.99
Ashley Furniture Queen Sleigh bed set: 219.99
Queen Celebrity Pillow Top Mattress set: 179.99
add in plugs and accessories for a grand total purchase of :2,341.71

If we only pay the minimum of 125.00 per month, we can have it all paid off before 24 months is up with no interest paid! Not to bad of a deal considering delivery was only 30.00!

We have the items to be delivered by Saturday.

In other news: (mainly what have we been doing on the house)
Honestly- not much. We hit our budget for home repairs within the first week of April. We still have a few low cost items we need to finish, mainly plumbing and clean up, but right now we're saving as much money as possible to worry about the roof repairs first things first next month.

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