Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 11 of Home Ownership

Today, Sunday April 3 2011, was supposed to be a day of rest. However, after working yesterday on the bathroom my father-in-law and I smelled natural gas. I determined it was coming from the water heater. Today we went back to check to make sure there was no more gas leaking. Upon arriving at the house, I noticed that the tarp on the guesthouse that was protecting the roof had been partially blown off by the high winds. Because we are expecting a severe thunderstorm tonight, we sprung into action to secure the tarp.

However, after walking to the backdoor we noticed the backdoor was wide open. My wife went to the car while I walked through the house to check for intruders. Nevertheless, the house was clear and safe. Upon further testing, I realized the French doors installation was not complete. So I managed to get the tarp reattached to the roof, and finished the installation of the French doors.

However, I do not think attaching the tarp is going to matter. There are reports that the storm coming has blown a semi-tractor trailer off the road. Oh well here we go Dorothy and Toto.

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