Thursday, April 7, 2011

House Day Number 15

I wanted to give you a status concerning how much this house has cost to date.

The asking price for the house was $23,000. After paying all the other associated fees and minus estimated property taxes to date, I think we came out around $23,329. (I need to double check but my son has other plans)

Currently we have spent about $1,183 on supplies and tools. Here is a more in depth breakdown on some of the supplies.

$186 for a cordless drill/driver
$56 for a ladder
$200 on door knobs
$50 on new light fixtures
$20 on 2" hole drill bits
$140 on tile
$200 on plumbing repairs (and sadly all that work was for naught)
The rest was for miscellaneous tools and other items we wanted/needed.

So far we have spent a total of $24,512.

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