Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Plumbing Saga Continued

Last Saturday I finally finished installing all new plumbing throughout the main house. However, there was portion where an addition was built that I left the copper in place.
This was a terrible mistake.
Evidently, something has built up inside the copper line that is clogging the line. This happened each time I connected the line. Therefore, the moral of any story when it comes to remodeling is to cut it out and replace.
Aside from the water no longer working at the master bathroom sink; the master bathroom sink drain is clogged. I attempted to use a liquid drain cleaner but to no avail. The sink simply filled up and it sat there all night. It did not drain one bit. I attempted to use a plunger hoping! However, my hope was in vain. My next plan is to disconnect the drain line to where the sink and the toilet tie in together. Because the toilet has no problems but the sink does. So I assume the problem is in between the two. If the piping is old cast Iron, I will cut it out and replace with ABS.
My only goal right now is to establish a firm foundation where upon my beautiful wife can decorate without having to worry about me needing to open up a wall to replace something that is broken.

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