Monday, May 2, 2011

This Weekend

SO... Here's an update on what's been going on with the house.
But before I go into the update I must mention that Phillip's Father had a stroke after his surgery last week, so Phillip's been taken on A LOT of family obligations to fill in the gap.

With that said...
  1. Garage Sales- This weekend in Leavenworth, KS on the military base was a base-wide garage sale. So we drove the 20 minutes north and enjoyed getting throughly lost on base. We had a late start because this weekend was also March of Dimes walk weekend, but we did end up getting some great late day finds. See below:
a. Desk = $10.00
b. Floor Lamp that is also a side table = $5.00
c. Tons of "This Old House" Magazines = $2.00 (nothing like design inspiration!)
I know they don't look to be in the best condition, but give me some high gloss paint spray and some elbow grease and these old pieces of furniture will turn out to be some of the best furniture for us.
2. Circuit Breaker- Phillip labeled many parts of the circuit breaker, there are still parts of the circuit breaker that we still can't figure out what they run to. We'll have to keep trying to figure it out because bringing in a electrification will be astronomical!!!!
3.Plumbing (Toilet/Sink in the Master Bathroom)- The sink is still clogged. But the toilet runs fine. We found out from investigations that the drainage for the toilet and sink are different, so we might just need to redirect the sink's drain and tie it into the toilet's and maybe since the shower is tied into the sink, putting a boot on it for now until we get the complete renovation started.
4. Mystery Machine -We have a crazy looking machine that looks a little like a submarine down in the basement. We had NO idea what it was and could only guess it was an ancient sump pump. We do know that it was built in 1964 in Berkley, MN (that's from the label) but when we opened it up, all the wires were disconnected and the electrical tape on the ends appeared old. Kind of like someone unplugged it a long time ago.
5. Packing/Purging- At our current residence we purged almost half of our clothes, realizing we were about to pack stuff we haven't worn in months. That didn't make any sense to us so to donation company goes our old college clothes. We still have a TON of packing to go, but we are making small progress on a lot of the things we have in the house. Man, I didn't realize how much stuff you just collect over the years!!!!

This Week's To do list-
  1. Finish clearing out the demolition stuff from the living room at the new house
  2. Try to get the water going to the small detached addition so we can have a stable and safe area to use the restroom and wash our hands
  3. Cut the grass if possible.(the grass is getting ridiculously tall)
  4. Finish filling in the gaps in the kitchen floor with plywood and peel and stick flooring
  5. Finish removing staples and nails in baby's room
  6. Install water purification system in kitchen sink
  7. Install dishwasher in kitchen so we can finally turn on the hot water tank and have hot water for the big move
  8. Packing or Purging every single thing in the old house for the big move this weekend to the new place.
  9. Try to figure out what the remaining circuit breakers go to

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