Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lost Camera Connector

So, we have a TON of progress and interesting photos to post on the blog, but of course somehow in the process of packing, unpacking and moving we can not seem to find the stupid connector for the camera to go to the computer to upload the photos. Which sucks, because a picture is worth a thousand words. Like how the rain is coming into the master bathroom through the roof...

or how the bench we bought off craigslist a few weeks ago is coming out in the breakfast nook, The bench is there but it is behind all the boxes.

 or any of our new purchases like the lawnmower.

But since we don't have the pictures to share, I guess I'll have to use the "thousand words" to describe things.

1st- Rain, rain go away
As we last explained, our main bathroom is gutted for renovation making the master bathroom the only usable bathroom in the house, it is also the bathroom with the leaky roof, so close your eyes and imagine...
it's 3am, it's dark, it's storming outside, you have to go the restroom, you step into the restroom and ....drip, drop, drip, drop, it's rain water dripping on your head. You run out the restroom and stare at this room with a floor filled with water and more drops falling by the minute. You don't have time or energy for this. You have to pee, and get to bed, because in a few hours the baby is going to be up, and you have to have energy to deal with him rather you like to or not. So you stand there and finally you yell... "S&#@!!!!" and plunge into the water works, do your business, wash your hands and then promptly drag your wet, soggy self into the clean bed. You do this same routine, every time it rains, day or night, because you already went over budget last month and you need to wait till the next 2 paychecks before you call a professional. Finally your yelling and complaining gets your husband on the roof to do a temporary fix by pouring tar over the problem spots. This SOLVES NOTHING, because now it just drips harder in a different spot in the bathroom. And of course it's the middle of spring....so it rains like every other day. But today.... thank the Lord...you finally pay 1/2 down to the professional roofing company and within 14 days the roof has been promised to be fixed. You do a happy dance, you take down the umbrella you put into the bathroom. You change the words to the song to "NO" dancing in the rain and then you post on your blog, but you have no pictures to post to show this excitement so you use a ton of words that tire out your hands to explain what a few sentences and a picture would have done instead.

I would like to tell you about some of the other things, but man my hands are actually hurting now. So I'll just wait till later.

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