Thursday, June 2, 2011

Still lost camera connector

So the camera connector is STILL AWOL! So frustrating.
So once again I can't update with pictures but I can give an update at least.
So a LOT has happened since the last post.
....(I just noticed that each of my sentences starts with the word "so"...I wonder how long I can keep it going)
So the last thing we talked about was the roof. So guess what! ...( O.K. enough of that)
The roof has been fixed.
We had gotten some previous quotes for the roof from other contractors, but ended up going with a company called Murphy and Son's roofing. They were the most organized and professional. They showed us their outstanding BBB standing and a written contract for work. But the best part ended up being they showed up next day to do the work! What that means for me is no more using the restroom in a bathroom with the rain coming inside the house. Can I get an AMEN from all the ladies out there.
So the roof is done.
We've laid out the pattern and will being cutting and tiling the main bathroom here in the next day or two.
* Pout face b/c I wanted to show pictures of the floor here*

In the basement we've removed a ton of debris from the half attempt of a storage room the previous owners started, but had a lot of water damage from broken plumbing pipes and mold.
Otherwise, outside we've done some basic landscaping. We've pulled stumps from the front yard and a young tree from the side yard.

We still have some things on our agenda for the next 7 days including finishing the floor in the main bathroom and installing the toilet (which if I hadn't informed you, has been sitting on our front porch since before we moved in...we've been in for over a month). We also signed up for a program put on by our public utilities that uses the money they received from the American Reinvestment Act to loan homeowners money for energy star appliances and construction-grade updates for energy efficiency. The homeowner then repays the public utility company back over a period of 10 years or so on their normal energy bill interest free. Once paid off the money goes back into the fund to help other homeowners do the same thing. We turned in our paperwork a few weeks back and we have a confirmation date of mid June, for the initial evaluation.
Which is exciting because our air conditioner, furnace and water heater are so old and in bad condition they barely work. This program will help us out a lot, I especially LOVE the interest-free part of it.

Before I end this post...people please keep your fingers crossed that I find this stupid camera connector. I hate trying to replace stuff like that from the manufacturer's websites. *PRICE GOUGERS*

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