Monday, June 13, 2011

Another week down

So another week has went by without the camera connector. I think we have just given up on ever finding the stupid thing.
Who knows it's probably in the most logical location, but of course we wont find it until we no longer even own the stupid camera.
Oh well, that's life.
So back to more exciting news... what we've been doing on the house.
To be honest: NOT MUCH!
We didn't really budget the roof costs into our monthly budget and so thus we are well over budget. To compensate for the remainder of this year's house budget we agreed to decrease how much we spent each month on the house from 500.00 dollars per month (which isn't a lot if you think about it) to closer to 100.00 dollars per month(which is almost like nothing per month).


Sad, sad face.


Which ultimately means that this blog is about to get really, really boring. Sorry everyone who has been following us. But we will keep updating it with interesting items, especially when we start getting creative and doing more dumpster diving and garage sales. So as far as the house has gone, we already spent about 80.00 dollars of our 100.00 dollar budget this month on supplies to finish up those small tasks in the house.

  • 1st we finally installed the water line to the refrigerator so that we could finally have ice in our ice maker! which is so wonderful because I hated being only able to serve slightly cool water from the water filter to my guest.
  • 2nd Phillip somehow miraculously found the broken part on the water heater and replaced it so now we have hot water in the house!!!! Can I get a whoop whoop anyone?
  • 3rd Since the hot water was working now and we already did the fridge, we didn't have any excuse for not installing the dish washer so we also finally got the dishwasher under the counter and installed. (Note: my kitchen is finally looking put together, just got to finish the stick and peel tiles and I'm golden)
  • 4th We finally finished the layout and cutting of the tiles for the bathroom, and purchased all the supplies to start laying down tile this week.
Note: the only reason we had the ability to purchase all the stuff to finish the bathroom and the kitchen is because we used a lot of Lowe's coupons.
  • Which brings me to the point that I never was a coupon/sales ad person. I just bought what I needed, when I needed it, at the normal price. But after the whole TV show dedicated to extreme coupon-ers and realizing how tight our budget is I realized that I don't have to be "extreme" about sales and coupons, but I do need to take 10 minutes of prep time to work sales and coupons around my life in order to save around 10% of my monthly expenditures. And 10% saved is 10% more we can put to our baby's college fund, emergency fund and whatever other "fund" we need for the future. CAN'T BEAT THAT WITH A STICK!!!!!

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