Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Monday's Neighborhood Watch

Instead of working on the house yesterday, I forced my husband and son to attend a neighborhood watch meeting. It's the first time I ever lived in a neighborhood that actually had a neighborhood watch and I wanted to see how it worked and be able to meet some of our neighbors. It was interesting, they meet at the old mall and had about 20 people in attendance. They talked about issues related to our small mile block neighborhood watch. Everything from police reports, suspicious activity, planing a new flower bed, neighborhood trash clean up and even a neighborhood garage sale. There was even a visitor from the local utilities company, who spoke about stimulus money for home improvements!
That sounds like just what we need!!! (Big Smiles)
Phillip agreed after all was said and done that it was worth the time we spent. We paid our annual dues of $12.00 (cheapest dues for a club ever!) and received a sever weather radio and a rain poncho. Not too bad for one day's work I would say so myself.

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