Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Over the weekend

So we were finally able to get back to working on the house this weekend. We had a ton of church things (Easter is always a busy time), plus our budget was kind of strapped.
So we've gotten a few things accomplished.

1. The appliances were installed and the bed was set up.
As you can see from the picture they are PRETTY!!! We still have to install the matching black dishwasher on the other side of the kitchen.

2. In addition to the installation of the appliances, we had to cut out some bad installation of vinyl on the floor of the kitchen, you can see a small bit of it in the bottom corner. We couldn't match the vinyl perfectly so we just bought some "stick and peel" wood looking tiles and installed it as a temporary fix. We will probably get to updating the floor before the end of the year, but for now, this works. There are also cut outs of the sub-floor around the fridge and stove that for some reason the previous owners did...we plan on using some plywood and more of the "stick and peel" solution until later.

3. You can also see in the background our beginning of the deconstruction of the breakfast nook faux wood wall paneling. Not only were they UGLY, but they also were glued on the walls, and they were now causing the walls to crumble behind them. After we finish tearing them out we plan on using bead board and wall paper to finish it off nicely.

4. Phillip stayed up past 2:00 a.m. on Saturday finishing the clean up and tear out of the main bathroom. The toilet is currently on our front porch :). But it's now a clean slate, ready for cement board, sub-floor and tile.

- On a side note: Went on Saturday to Lowe's and had a 30 minute tile- installation training class. We were on the only one's that showed up for the class so we got one-on-one training. It was fun and we will probably be back for another class, especially when we get to the time of installing the tile.

5. Trash Diving!!!!! Look at our dumpster diving find:
It's originally a sewing machine table, but I think it'll be the perfect entry table. It has a lot of scratches, so I'm debating either sanding and refinishing for a traditional look or painting for a contemporary twist. As you see Phillip is already using it for keys and wallet.

-Note: I do need to be honest 5 minutes after getting it in the house a HUGE roach came out of it, so it went into the yard to "De-bug" itself before we find ourselves with an infestation before we even move in. This is one thing about dumpster diving that NO ONE EVER warns you about. So you are now properly warned. :)

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  1. Ok, I guess I also needed to include that YES...I did hurt myself at the house once again. This time I snapped a piece of the breakfast nook wall and it skinned my shin. NOT MUCH BLEEDING though. The lower the amount of blood I bleed in a day of work is what I consider an improvement of my construction skills.