Saturday, April 9, 2011

Blood, Sweat, and Tears

So this week our focus has been plumbing and roofing. Sadly with a new baby I haven't been able to do much with the house, until today. Today I finally got junior to relax and take a nap and I called myself helping Phillip with the plumbing. Everything was going smooth until I stepped on a long, rusty nail. Right in the meaty part of my foot. Ouch! Phillip had to carry me upstairs where I promptly began bleeding throughout the house until he got me to the only chair. Since I didn't think to have one of those nifty safety kits on me I continued to bleed until I realized that I could use one of my baby's diapers as a big bandage. :D Cheers and success!
Phillip felt bad though, so he told me I needed to go home and take the baby. Which I find funny that when he feels bad, he immediately starts dictating to me...but oh well, your not reading this for marital drama so I'll get back to my original point. So I leave Phillip at the new place and return back to the old house. Thank God, that it's only about 5 minutes between the old and new house, because after I get all situated with a proper bandage, I've got to pack junior back up in the car and go rescue my husband before he realizes he needs to "improvise" and completely screws up the hard work we just accomplished and have to spend more money to fix his "learning experience".
Note: after purchasing the patchwork plumbing stuff that didn't work and the new stuff and over a week worth of afternoons, evenings and weekends....maybe it'll equal out to if we had just spent money on a plumber to do it all.

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