Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Master Bedroom Insulation

With old man winter just around the corner we are sealing air gaps and installing insulation. Currently our heat is set to around 75 degrees F. I know we should lower it but our ancestors are from Africa.

There are quite a few ways to discover air gaps around your house.

First just turn off all the lights in the house around noon and just look for light coming in.

Another way is to light an incense and slowly go around your house. Anywhere there is a draft the smoke will bend and you know you have a problem there.

Finally, you can use mother nature. Spiders generally build their spider webs where there is a draft. So next time you see cobwebs in a corner pull out a infrared thermometer to see if there is a difference. You would be surprised how accurate this method is.

And below is just a picture of some insulation we added to the master bedroom.

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