Monday, June 11, 2012

Master Bedroom

In the previous post "Existing Master" we uploaded a video showing what our master looks like right now using google sketch up.

Today is another video showcasing the existing layout along with 3 proposed ideas. We didn't come up with anything crazy and most truly revolve around where to put the bed.

Note: In the following video it is possible to see the other floor plans because i was not careful to make sure that the different walls did not intersect. As such as you are watching the video you will see some places where it shows the exterior wall of a different room, or a piece of furniture is sticking through the wall. 

So which one do you think we chose?!?!?!

I personally liked the floor plan with the TV. I really liked moving the closets. However in the end my beautiful wife has a way of getting her way as such. Gloria decided to go with Floor plan number 2. The closet will not be made out of wood as it is shown in the video. I just placed that there so we knew it was the closet. It is my understanding that she really liked all the bookshelves and the fact that I added pictures.

The current goal is to have this complete by Christmas ... Just don't tell Gloria cause she will hold me to that LOL

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