Saturday, June 16, 2012

Urban Garden

Veg-e-ta-ble gar-den:: noun, a plot of land where vegetables grow

Today on TV you can't help but be told that composting and growing your own garden is the penacle of going green.  It's supose to save you money and the enviroment all while giving you the freshest organic foods known to man.
What they don't tell you is that you are NOT saving time.

This is a picture of what I thought gardening was going to be like:

Vegatable Garden I thought I was going to have

This is a picture of the little side garden that I currently have:

1 row is growing...the rest is dead

I water the garden at least 2 times a week if it has not had a good rain during the week.  I de-weed at least 1 time a week and I try not to kill anymore of the plants the rest of the time.

This is a picture of our compost bin:

So far it only has yard debris in it.  I haven't gotten an on-the-couter cannister yet, but I'm hoping that I can start adding more variety to the compost here pretty soon.  My plan is to have a small cannister on the kitchen counter that I can put my throw away food parts like banana peels and egg shells, collect it for a week, then we I put out my trash and recycling on trash day I'll just take the cannister and put it in the large compost bin outside.
Just leaves and sticks

Fu-ture gar-den:: noun: a time that has not yet arrived for our garden

Ever since I was in college I remember realizing that I'm very much a conservative, traditional woman.  I like being a stay at home mother.  I enjoy making homemade bread, I even watched many eposides of "Little House on the Prairie".  So it's not too surprising that I desire to have a flourishing garden and an acre of fresh fruit trees.  If you remember a post Phillip put up a few weeks ago...
Then you would easily figure out that it was my desire to even own this much land.
This is a picture of what I want our future garden to look like.
Orchard of my dreams
This is a picture of what we have so far:

Current orchard...none of the trees are fruit bearing

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