Saturday, May 3, 2014

Free compost

So I found out through a friend that we can get free compost from the local dump site. Sometimes there are rocks, and plastic and some other trash in it but over all it is pretty good.

So after our previous post of going to the dump on the way back we picked up some.

And boy was that an adventure. I tried to be smart about it by attempting to back the trailer into the dumpster so it would be easier to shovel the compost in.

The dumpster was wide enough just that it was too high for the tires to easily roll over. Which turns out I moved the shackle on the leaf spring on one side of the trailer making it impossible to drive home fully loaded. I eventually had to go home pick up some tools and return later that day to pick up the trailer.

Nevertheless our trailer is 4'x8' and I got between 1'-2' of compost. Lets just be conservative on estimating the savings 4'x8'x1' = 32 cubic feet of compost. I think lowes had compost for $7 per cubic foot. So 7* 32 = $224

Sadly we lost the whole day tomorrow we shall get the gardens ready.

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