Monday, July 11, 2011

A/C countdown

The air conditioner will be installed on Thursday.
Just 4 more days of dealing with this heat.

Just so you guys aren't terribly worried, me and the baby do leave the house and stay with family during heat advisory days. It's been a blessing having family in the city! But it's nothing like being in your own house.

On other news, we haven't done much with our house, because Phillip's been doing paid work for various family. Mostly cutting grass in the evenings and doing repair construction work at people's businesses. The money's helped with beefing up our emergency fund again and we've been putting a good chunk of it into the baby's college fund.

The bathroom has a deadline of Saturday to be 80% finished, because I scheduled to host a baby shower for a church member at my house and I will not allow people to be forced to use the death trap of the master restroom. I scheduled this baby shower months ago and just happily assumed the bathroom would all be done now.... next time I'm going to triple my estimated time table for project for this house.

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