Saturday, July 2, 2011

Heat, Hot, Sweat

So as the title proclaims, the weather in Kansas has finally decided to be summer. The only problem is we also just found out the air conditioner is a big hunk of junk.

 We called AB May to come out to evaluate it I want to say Monday. Hoping that all it would need is some cleaning and a refill. They did their evaluation and determined that it was leaking...but they couldn't find the leak, so...They proclaimed it JUNK.

insert sad face
then insert crying face
then insert bawling face
then insert crazy face
then insert crazy face blowing up the money pit that was our house
then insert calm relaxed face
then insert crazy smiling face

Ok...I think you got the picture.

Now for those who read this blog, you should know we are NOT made out of money, in fact all of our emergency money just went to fixing the roof on the house not less than a month ago.

How in the world are we going to afford a new 4,000 a/c and furnace system?
Well we are going to try a few options.

1. Go through our home warranty company. (yes it's a pre-existing condition...but we are hoping they don't notice the 20 year old a/c and furnace) *not high hopes riding on this one.
2. Bug the heck out of the Energy Efficiency Home program to see if we qualify for their loan program through our utilities company. *not high hopes since we don't have one of the requirements.
3. Finance this thing ourselves and use some of the Government rebates to bring down the cost a bit. *we know this one's good...we just don't want more debt in our lives

Either way we have to have a solution in the next few days, because it's already "excessive heat advisor" weather and we have a baby shower planned at my home for a church member by July 16, 2011.

Any suggestions would be helpful. If nothing else...just pray for either cool weather or money raining down from heaven on us.

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