Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wonderful Party

So with an hour left to spare before the guests come for the baby shower, we set the toilet in the bathroom and pat ourselves on the back. We have finished the main bathroom. Most of the walls are up, the floor is completely tiled, toilet and sink are in.

But alas,
Things don't go so easily after all.

Phillip notices that the toilet is rocking a bit on the tile floor.
Solution: put some wood under the toilet to level it out.
How: Use small slates of wood and hammer.
What goes wrong: Hammer hits back of toilet, breaking the drain basin
Okay this is Phillip talking I messed up. 

Phillip notices that he broke the first toilet,but no fear we have a second toilet in the house that we can just substitute. Problem: the 2nd toilet has a broken handle, must remove handle and replace.
Solution: use drill to remove stuck handle. This is Phillip again the reason I had to use the drill to remove the handle is because a lot of my tools were at a different location so I did not have any pliers or wrenches that could remove the old broken handle. However I had a spade bit on my drill so I thought I could get it out that way. 
How: put drill directly on the toilet water reserve near handle. Okay Gloria wasn't actually there when this happened. I was about halfway through drilling out the old handle when the drill bounced around and hit the fragile toilet.
What goes wrong: Drill breaks the water reserve basin of the 2nd toilet

*****Did I tell you my husband is talented?******

Wife's solution: Go out buy a new toilet and threaten husband that if he breaks this one, no sex for the next 2 weeks
Solutions: toilet is installed correctly in 15 minutes
How: threats about sex work
What goes wrong: absolutely nothing
I have no comment about the above paragraph LOL!

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  1. This is my favorite post thus far! I love you two!!! LOL! (And loving the blog, btw). Can't wait to see the finished house! :-)