Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bathroom Remodel

So we are still working on the bathroom. This is originally how we conceived the bathroom. We built this model using Google Sketchup

As you can see the bathroom is very small. Due to the rushing to complete the bathroom as much as possible. This is where we are now.

Currently the floor is almost done, we need to caulk around the base of the bathtub. We now have a functional toilet that doesn't wobble and that flushes properly. The drywall is about 30%. We decided to place tile around the bathtub instead of the bead board paneling or wainscoting. Mainly due to water concerns.  

Just  for a cost comparison so far we have spent
$0 for demolition
$85 for the new toilet
$25 for the sink
$50 for the mirror
$10 for a new light
$33 for new electrical wiring
$15 for new tamper proof GFCI plugs and light switches
$0 for new Insulation
$5 (i think I don't really remember) for a new circuit breaker
$24 for dry wall
$44 for hardie backer board for the tile
$11 for all the tile
$25 for a large bag of mortar
$15 for a bag of grout
$15 for a starter kit for tiling
$15 for tub faucet and shower head
$10 for new sink faucet
$5  for a toothbrush holder and a towel holder

total thus far $387 or a little under $10 per square foot. .... and we still are not done. Gloria is going to start shopping for mistinted paint to paint the room.

Its a great project and I'm learning a lot but I can't wait to give my son his first bath in the bath tub.

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